Amazon Shipping package delivery.

Enter your tracking ID to follow your package’s
journey from a seller to your door.

How it works

You place an online order
Your package is ready for delivery
Amazon Shipping delivers to you
Enter your tracking ID above to see tracking details for your order. Or, sign in or create an Amazon account to add delivery instructions, reschedule your delivery date, or to see the name of the neighbor or reception your package was left with.


Where's my package?
If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered and you can't find it, follow the below steps:
  • Look for a notice of attempted delivery
  • Check the delivery location and mailbox or anywhere else you receive mail for your package
  • Confirm if someone else accepted the delivery on your behalf
  • Check your photo on delivery confirmation, if available
If you cannot locate your package through the above steps after 36 hours, please contact the seller directly.
Why is my tracking information is missing?
If your package tracking information is not appearing, it may be due to a number of reasons:
  • The first package scan may not take place until the package arrives at a regional hub near the final destination. This is common when shipping
volume is high and packages are processed in bulk. Until this first scan, we will not display tracking information
  • The first package scan may not take place until the package is delivered at the final destination
Why was my package not delivered?
There are a number of reasons why your package may be marked as undelivered, including:
  • No secure location: If there is no safe place to leave your package at the point of delivery, where the package is safe from weather and is not easily visible to those passing by, we will mark the package undeliverable
  • Unable to access: If we can’t access the delivery location, we will mark the package undeliverable. Common reasons we can’t access include: no access code, call box number, or buzzer information
  • If your item was shipped to a P.O. box and : If your item is too big to ship to a P.O. box, we will mark the package undeliverable
Please reach out to the seller you purchased from to receive a replacement or refund.
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